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Cleaning Furniture and Upholstery in Halesowen, West Midlands

When their furniture or upholstery begins to look old, many people will immediately search for a replacement. At Chem Supplies, however, we offer a more cost-effective solution. Through thorough processes and high-quality products, we provide exceptional upholstery and furniture cleaning. Dirt, stains, marks, and general tiredness will all be removed from the fabric, leaving your upholstery looking as good as new.

Taking on All Fabrics

Although we specialise in cleaning upholstery, furniture, and curtains made from dralon™, cotton, microfibre, and silks, we are capable of working with all fabrics. Using the finest ChemSpec™ products, we remove stubborn stains, long-lasting marks, and annoying spillages that have made your upholstery look tired and worn. Additionally, to help protect your upholstery for years to come, we apply ChemSpec EnviroShield.

Sofa Cleaning

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